Asian Film Focus 2017 | Short Film Screening 2


Over the course of the Asian Film Focus, Objectifs brings you a selection of short films that revolve around the theme 'Time Machine' . These works from Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Singapore, delve into notions of archival and found footage in the context of contemporary filmmaking in Asia. What can we glean from these glimpses into the past, and what does it say about our present and our future?

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Programme Duration: 33 min. | There will be a post screening Q&A session | NC16: Some Violence

1. "Riddle: The Shout of Man" ("Bugtong: Ang Sigaw ng Lalake") by RJ Leyran / 4 min / Philippines
Rumoured to have used footage salvaged from a commercial studio dumpster, the film is a commentary on Filipino on-screen macho culture and one of the rare surviving works in the brief filmmaking career of Ramon 'RJ' Leyran. It was a product of the last Christoph Janetzko film workshop, with a focus on experiments with optical printers, held in 1990.

2. "These Old Frames" by Tahireh Lal / 17 min / India

"These Old Flames" is a pastiche of old home films from the filmmaker's grandfather, shot on 8mm. Through her exploration of the footage, she discovers fragments of family history, situations, events and characters, which helped her understand her grandfather and how he formed his own identity in a free India.

3. "The Lights Went Out" by Adar Ng / 4 min / Singapore
Pulsating in the stillness of the night, the flickering lights add a new sight to the nightscape in Singapore. When a light malfunctions, the light is fixed the following night. The lights in the city never go out - it is always functioning as it should be.

4. "Spring Comes Winter After" by Nguyen Trinh Thi / 5 min / Vietnam

Using footage from the public funeral of an important poet who was banned for decades in Vietnam, this video is connected to the political and historical situation of the country, provoking some questions still impermissible to be asked publicly in present-day Vietnam. What if one can play history in reverse and then replay it again?

5. "Tawidgutom" by John Torres / 3 min / Philippines
An experimental love poem / monologue composed of images that recur and repeat themselves. The narrator reminisces on a relationship and anticipates meeting his love again, both with trepidation and excitement.


About the Asian Film Focus

The Asian Film Focus promotes the creation and appreciation of independent films from the region. It is dedicated to the short film genre, cinema’s most democratic and expressive form. Each year, we work with the foremost film programmers in Asia to bring audiences exciting gems from different countries, with a different theme each time. Through screenings, panel discussions, and networking sessions, industry and audience members can come together to discuss trends and developments in film, and forge a community that celebrates the creative power of filmmaking.

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Header image from "The Lights Went Out", © Adar Ng
Thu Jul 13, 2017
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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